# Fixed Price Shop:

Opolok is a Fixed Price online shop and we mention the prices with each product so please do not do any bargaining or ask us to reduce price.

# Online Shop:

It’s an Online Shop. We don’t have any outlet or shop to display our products.

# Be Sure:

We always try to provide maximum details of each product. So please be sure what you are buying,

# No Return/Exchange:

We always check the product twice before deliver it to our customer and ask our customer to do the same before receiving it from our delivery person. So once the item is delivered we can’t accept any Return/Exchange.

# Others:

If you have any special requirement for any product which is not available in our stock, in that case we import those products from abroad on your order basis, & you have to pay 100% in advance.

** Sales are made on first come first serve basis.



For more details, please contact us.

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